Applying For Oncology Massage Services

Ready to apply?

Who’s eligible, how it works

Anyone with a current cancer diagnosis who lives in Monroe or its bordering counties is eligible to receive HTI services. We follow a rule of thumb for what we consider a “current” diagnosis. Generally speaking, an applicant must be within two years of their initial diagnosis or a diagnosis of recurrence or a new diagnosis of cancer. If an applicant does not fall within that time line but is still receiving chemotherapy infusions or radiation treatments they may still qualify for services.

Our providers are all specially trained and have agreed to provide their services at a reduced rate. Proof of financial distress is NOT required. We ask a small contribution from applicants for our oncology massage program to make HTI’s funds go further. Anyone eighteen years of age or older, with a current cancer diagnosis, who lives in Monroe or its bordering counties is eligible to receive HTI services.

New! HTI Wellness Gatherings

Massage is available at our HTI Wellness Gatherings. HTI clients will choose a participating massage therapist at the gathering location they wish to attend and make their own appointments. For information about HTI Wellness Gatherings please click here. Our therapists all meet HTI’s criteria for special oncology massage training, have a current NYS license and operate a private massage practice in our community.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Applicants are eligible for three (3) 45-minute oncology massage vouchers on a first-come, first-served basis, as funds allow. Therapists may determine that massages should be shorter than 45 minutes, based on client consultations. In order to receive services, all clients must complete the HTI application form.

Once HTI receives your application, we will notify you of your status for vouchers. Your email address is the most efficient way to contact you. If HTI has supplied the maximum number of vouchers our funds allow for the month, your application will be deferred to the following month. Repeat applicants will be considered ONLY after first-time applicants have been satisfied.

What to expect

Once you receive your vouchers and HTI Wellness Gathering locations and dates in the mail you can make your appointment with the provider you choose. The massage therapist will take a thorough health history. They may send you a questionnaire to fill out ahead of time or they may have you fill one out once you arrive at your appointment. The therapist needs this information in order to make minor adjustments to their technique when they deem it necessary in order to avoid exacerbating any known or possible conditions. Your personal information, as any conversation you have with your therapist, is always kept confidential.

The massage itself will outwardly be comparable to any massage you have had in the past. One difference you will be able to find comfort in is, due to their specialized training in oncology massage, the massage therapist will be making well-informed, mindful decisions about you and your current state of health during your session with them. If you have never had a massage before then rest assured the massage therapist will take time to explain what they are going to be doing. You will be modestly draped under linens at all times. You may choose to undress to your level of comfort. Some clients prefer no clothes, some prefer to keep on their underwear. Always feel free to ask questions or to ask the practitioner to make a change in their technique if you are uncomfortable in any way. Remember, this is your time to find some calm in the chaos. Your massage therapist is there for you.