Oncology Massage Gifting Program

Now friends and family can support the people
in their lives who are facing cancer.

Massage Gift Certificates

By purchasing a gift certificate for someone you know who either currently has cancer or who is a cancer survivor you are giving twice. Proceeds from each Gift Certificate purchased are a donation to HTI, helping us provide massage for others who are dealing with the harsh side affects of cancer and its treatments.

Gift Certificates are redeemable with the massage therapists on our provider list marked with a (+). Each therapist has taken special training in oncology massage. This is a terrific way to show someone with cancer you care during this challenging time.

It is also a great way to help them learn about our Oncology Massage Voucher Program which allows people with a current cancer diagnosis in the Greater Rochester Area to access oncology massage for free.

Survivors benefit, too.

Cancer survivors may be at risk for certain conditions for the rest of their lives as a result of cancer or its treatments. It is important for them to work with massage therapists who understand those risks and know how to avoid exacerbating them. For special holidays and birthdays—or for no reason of all—think of the cancer survivors in your life! Buy them a gift certificate and introduce them to the benefits of massage!

Gift certificates will be mailed to the purchaser. They will name the gift certificate recipient and are non transferrable. We will include a list of providers and instructions for using the gift certificates. Gift certificates do not have an expiration date.